HIH-4030 Humidity Sensor Carrier

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Sparkfun’s carrier board for the HIH-4030 relative humidity (%RH) sensor from Honeywell outputs an analog voltage that varies nearly linearly with humidity. It operates at 5 V while drawing only 200 μA and has a 0.1" pin spacing that makes it compatible with standard breadboards and perfboards.

This breakout board for Honeywell’s HIH-4030 humidity sensor from SparkFun measures relative humidity (%RH) and outputs the result as an analog voltage on the pin labeled OUT. The sensor output can be read by an ADC on a microcontroller and varies nearly linearly with humidity, which makes the readings easy to process. The humidity sensor is powered with 5 V and typically draws 200 μA. The pins on the board have a 0.1" spacing, making them compatible with 0.1" male header pins and standard breadboards (Link: www.pololu.com/catalog/category/28) and perfboards. Since this board is a carrier for the HIH-4030, careful reading of the HIH-4030 datasheet (Link: www.pololu.com/file/download/HIH-4030-datasheet.pdf?file_id=0J324) (237k pdf) is recommended.

HIH-4030 humidity sensor’s analog output voltage vs relative humidity.


  • Nearly linear analog output
  • All pins broken out to a 0.1" pitch header
  • 4 – 5.8 V input voltage
  • 200 μA current draw
  • Dimensions: 0.75 x 0.30" (19.05 x 7.62 mm)



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Size: 0.75 x 0.30"

General specifications

Voltage: 5 V
Supply current: 0.2 mA

File downloads

HIH-4030 humidity sensor datasheet (Link: www.pololu.com/file/0J324/HIH-4030-datasheet.pdf) (237k pdf)
Datasheet for Honeywell’s HIH-4030 humidity sensor.
HIH-4030 humidity sensor carrier schematic (Link: www.pololu.com/file/0J323/HIH-4030-carrier-v10.pdf) (6k pdf)
Schematic for the HIH-4030 humidity sensor carrier.